Tyson Ian - Lights Of Laramie Lyrics

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Tyson Ian Lyrics

Lights Of Laramie Lyrics

What in the world's come over me
I never thought I'd see the day
When that ol' rodeo would turn me loose
And I'd be heading home to stay
Now I'm looking for the lights of Laramie
I never thought I'd miss you so
If you let me in your lovin' arms in Laramie
I'll never ever let you go
Girl, I'll never ever let you go
Can't leave your memory behind
Don't matter where I go
Don't matter what I do
If God gave Wyoming to the wind
He must have given my heart to you
Forever and ever
Oh how those lights like diamonds shine
Across that wild and windy plain
Ain't nothin' in the world I wouldn't give to be
A diamond in your eyes again
Forever and ever
chorus (repeat 2 times)

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