Vnv Nation - Distant (Rubicon II) Lyrics

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Vnv Nation Lyrics

Distant (Rubicon II) Lyrics

the paths that I once tread have all but gone. only embers now
smoulder where bridges once burned. I feel alive and yet I fear what may
happen now. I know I can't return. and I hear me say again oh let me
not return. damn the illusions of redemption and the hopes that held me
here. I will oppose all that would befall me. with this rage inside of me I'll
defy what I would become. the solitude and anger that do battle
inside me will always guide me to the answers that I know I may not see. they
are the bonds that hold me tighter. they are the chains that weigh on me.
one day I know they will be gone. can I start again and erase this pain
by casting doubts into the waters. asking judgement of the sea. though
fortune may guide the fools I have no wish to be free until I am gone.

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