Wykked Wytch - To Die: Before My Time Lyrics

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Wykked Wytch Lyrics

To Die: Before My Time Lyrics

As I Rise From The Abyss
I Bring The Hate Of Legions Wait For My Sign
The Blood Will Fall Like Rain The Dead Will Call On Me Rise... Rise... From The
I Have Come Back To Reclaim My Throne Enslaved For Centuries In Hell, I've
The Weak And Religious Are Destined To Death Your False Beliefs Won't Save You
Rise... Rise... Rise...
The Prophecy Reveals My Intentions Bloodthirsty,
I Begin To Form My Kingdom Armies Of The Dead Will
Be Under Me Learn My Commandments
Learn My Commandments
I Am, I Am
I'm Your Master
I Am, I Am
I Am, Your Master
My Reign Will Last Forever
Evil Will Consume All
Dreams Will Be Destroyed
Everlasting Life, With Never Ending Pain
My Demon Can't Be Killed
Everyone Will Celebrate

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