You Ate My Dog - The Sidekick Lyrics

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You Ate My Dog Lyrics

The Sidekick Lyrics

I Just can't help the way I act
I think a part of me knows I'll fall right back
At least I think it should
I've fallen so many times
By now it should

See the fact of the matters is
I'm always so much better in my head
And when I try to act upon my thoughts
I stumble and I fall
Yeah, I miss the mark

And I realize now I got problems
See, in my mind I'm a superhero
Whilst in real life I'm the sidekick at best
And I don't think that I'll ever solve them
See throughout my life I've read so many comic books
That the chance I'll get X-Ray vision's higher
Than me being able to change

But it'd be pretty cool though
Me having super powers and all, I mean
I'd only use them for good
That way no one would ever get hurt
So just come on give em' to me please
(I'll just pick myself back up
Like I've done a million times
I'm just sick of having to try and try)

No wait, there's no way. I'll give in

I'll start of by saving kittens out of trees
I'll kind of take it slow at first but then I'll get going for sure
I know that by no time I'll save hot chicks jumping
Out of burning buildings and fly safely off into the night

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