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Fight Songs Lyrics

California UCLA Lyrics

"Aggie Fight Song"

Lift up your voices, now's the time to sing
This is the day the Victory Bell will ring
Loyal Aggies, all for one
Never stopping, 'till we've won
Because the Mustang will show our team the way to fight,
Charging the enemy with all his might
Let's go, Let's win, today's the day
The Aggies will Fight, Fight, Fight!

"Sons of Westwood"
(played after a good play)

We are Sons of Westwood
And we hail to Blue and Gold
True to thee our hearts will be
Our love will not grow old,
Bruins roam the hills of Westwood
By the blue Pacific shores
And if we chance to see
A man from USC
Every Bruin starts to roar.
UCLA, fight, fight, fight!
(repeat verse)

"Mighty Bruins"
(played after a score)

We are the mighty Bruins
The best team in the west!
We're fighting on to victory
To conquer all the rest.
We are the mighty Bruins,
Triumphant ever more,
And you can hear
From far and near
The mighty Bruins roar!

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