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Fight Songs Lyrics

Tulane Lyrics

Green Wave, Green Wave, hats off to thee,
Fight, fight, fight, for our vic-to-ry,
Shout to the skies the Green Wave's war cry,
The bravest we'll defy,
Hold that line for Olive and Blue,
We'll cheer for you,
So fight, fight old Green Wave,
fight on to Vic...to...ry!

Another Tulane fight song goes as follows:

Roll, Green Wave,
Roll on down the field.
Hold, Green Wave,
That line must never yield.
When those Greenbacks charge through the line,
They're bound for victory!
Roll, Green Wave,
For you we give a cheer.
Roll, Green Wave,
For you we have no fear.
With every man in every play,
We're bound to win that game today.
Hoorah for Olde Tulane!

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