Usurper - The Struggle Of Tyrants Lyrics

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Usurper Lyrics

The Struggle Of Tyrants Lyrics

I am a mortal god
Ten thousand minds chant as one
Resonate through time
Warping the light for ages to come
I am Hutuktu
Transmitting the light from the morning star
We are disciples
Breaking the chains of (the) illusion of time
The power surge is on
The quest for dominance has begun
Through the cracks of time
Absolute power under Lucifer's eye
The nations rise as one
The phoenix light eclipses the sun
Under supreme rule
The eye of Horus shines upon you FOREVER!

The struggle of the tyrants
Conquest of gods to come
Hymns of the ancients
(With) Strength from ages now gone
The bureau of Satan
Cause the World to Collide
Powers adorn them
Luring the Serpent to rise
Guided by the illumined ones into the abyss of secrecy
The treasures of Beelzebub
Scientific sorcery
Mass cloning from (the land of) the rising sun
Eradication of the human soul
Mortal brains of silicone
Hybrid race of mechanized beings eliminate the weak
The dawn of a new species emerge
(The age of) humanity is extinct

[Solo: RS]

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